hurricane Florence community service 2018




We were Hurricane ready for those who weren't prepared.

 The ACF Team were out doing what they could to help the community. 


  • Robert Tighe III, I am glad I found you online! Y'all were a blessing. I hope you can help others. THANK THE OTHERS FOR ME. Take care. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT CAME TO MY RESCUE ARE FOREVER FAMILY!! Y'ALL we're here in an instant and got the job done. Thank you thank you thank you!!                     - Teresa S. 

  • Thank you for offering. We need more people like ya'll. God Bless.   -Cherese L

  • I would like to give a shoutout to Robert Tighe and crew.  they came through for me what a Blessing!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  -Betty S. 

  • Thank You , Thank so much 🙏🏻  - Maribel P. 

  • The world needs more like you!   -Jimmie B.